We understand that dealing with loss can make things challenging. The information here will help you manage through this difficult time.

At the time of making funeral arrangements it is not easy to realise the emotional benefit which can be gained. We are available to help you with advice; we can also recommend a solicitors practice that process and administer legal services associated with probate, estates, wills and other related services on a daily basis.

Registering the death

A death must be registered within 5 days in England or Northern Ireland. To register a death you must get a medical certificate from a GP or hospital doctor and take it to the registry office. More information can be found on gov.uk using the link below.

More Information

  • Our caring team
    We will deal with all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, liase with doctors, hospitals, ministers etc. as appropriate.
  • The flower arrangements
    Flowers may be sent to our funeral home on the day of the funeral to accompany the hearse to the funeral.

  • The catering
    We can arrange for you upon request catering at various venues who are experienced in providing funeral buffets.

  • The order of service
    We are able to arrange printed personalised order of service sheets, pew cards to record those people who have attended the service, and other printing requirements on request.
  • The music
    At a funeral service music can help reflect the character of the deceased as a reminder of their personality, taste and interests. We can arrange music for the service upon request.
  • Special requirements
    If there is a special requirement or desire which will not compromise the dignity of the deceased or occasion, please ask.

Making time for your own grief

At the time of arranging a funeral, it is not easy to realise the emotional benefit which can be gained by having somewhere to go, a place that you and your family can return to, allowing you to pay your respects to your loved one. It has been acknowledged that this can help the healing process after the funeral.

A member of our caring team can be contacted on 01772 902345 where you can be assured of their personal attention 24 hours a day.

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